Free chicken protecting dog in Northern Indiana

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    I have a 5 year old black lab springer spaniel mix that is a wonderful chicken protector. He has co existed with my free range chickens for a couple of years now, and though he spends most of his time indoors in that two years we have lost only two chickens to predators. One to a hawk and one to a dog when the chickens were outside Ziggy's fence. The problem we are having with him is that he plays to rough with my 18 month old grandson who lives with us. Our Grandson absolutely loves him, but he Ziggy excited on purpose and doesn't give him room to get away so he gets knocked down. Also Ziggy does not warm up to strangers quickly especially men. We find that when people that he does not know come over, they are going to get barked at for at least the first half hour unless we muzzle him of put him in his cage. The plus side is that he will let you know when someone comes on your property and he is a very loving dog to those he knows and spends time with. You can read more about Ziggy in this thread
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    i ould love to have him but i got 3 probs i live in FL. andi have two small dogs both girls i whis i could have him

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