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I have a batch of almost 2 week old chicks that I am ready to part with. Originally I was planning on selling these via craigslist, but just don't have the time right now and need to have these gone by next weekend as I am going out of town and my house-sitter is not exactly chick friendly

These chicks are straight run....cross between White Leghorn girls and my black Jersey Giant roo. My leghorns are super layers, every day with no days off, large to xl white eggs. They are also GREAT foragers, suprisingly. For comparison, my jersey giant girl is a great layer, very consistent large brown eggs with some HUGE double yolkers here and there. The rooster is from the same batch as her and he is a good boy, friendly and mellow, tolerates the other boys and takes good care of his girls.

These will all be white with some black speckles. These are still under a heat lamp currently and will need to stay that way for another couple weeks.

Anyone interested? If so, let me know....these will need to be picked up this week in the Lenoir City, Loudon, Sweetwater area, sometime after 5pm.
You are 3 1/2 hours from me....but My next available time to get them would be Saturday week!



Well I ended up cleaning out my brooder/growout shed to move these chicks into, which will buy me a few weeks time. By then, the roosters should be more obvious and I can probably give away the boys and sell the girls? I really expect these will be some fantastic layers.....if anyone wants any of the kids this week and is nearby, let me know. If not, I guess I will hang onto them a bit and grow them out before getting rid of them?

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