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Sep 7, 2016
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My Coop
My Coop
Hello all,
I would like to know how you all feed your chickens. I have a large tote with 8 ports around it, I take it out of the coop at night, and return it in the morning, ( free choice ) . My problem is mice, I dont know if I should feed them in the morning before I let them out to free range, or continue to let them eat when they want to. So I would like to know your thoughts, and see some pictures of your feeders.
Thank you in advance.
A couple of suggestions:
1- I think you should suspend your feeder off the ground rather than on top of blocks. If that plastic tub isn't strong enough for that, then also have a smaller block of bricks underneath that the mice can't use to climb to the holes. You wouldn't have the hassle of moving the feeder twice/day.
2- If the problem is more about pellets being pulled out and scattered into the litter attracting mice, then attach a small plastic shield to cover the lower ~1/4 of each opening. That will keep the chickens from scattering pellets.
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I see them scampering in the evening when I go out to remove the feeder, so I'm thinking they are there during the day also, but I cant be sure. That's why I started removing the feed st night.
I'd start trapping pronto.
Set up snap traps under a milk crate where the chooks can't get at them.

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