FREE cockerels and roosters

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    May 19, 2008
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    I have several cockerels and a rooster or 2 to rehome, I have tried selling and free ads on craigslist with no luck. I have far tooo many and need to downsize for the hens sake.

    What I have available are...
    1 mottled cochin bantam cock, hatched out the begining of march, came from privett
    2 serama cockerels hatched on march 31st
    1 serama rooster, cream with rust orange on his wings and a black tail, he is just over 1 yr old and in pristine condition.
    1 black tail buff serama rooster
    Npip certified and tested clean. Birds will be banded.

    No shipping, Local pickup only.

    Cockerels 1 and 2

    Cream serama rooster, name is casper

    black tailed buff serama rooster

    Mottled cochin bantam

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