Free coop plans w/detailed instructions?

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    Mar 9, 2012
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    After much begging and pleading from our children, we gave in a bought 6 chicks at Tractor Supply last Sunday. They are adorable and doing fine, but we need to build a coop for them SOON! So, my husband has decided he'd like to build it BUT he wants to follow detailed, step by step plans that even include a materials list if possible. Do you know of any websites that offer that kind of help for FREE?

    We've been looking at the City Bitty coop and like the style but would like to have it up off the ground. It seems simple enough to add legs, but the plan also costs $22 and another week for delivery before we even begin building.

    Thanks for any help or suggestions you can offer!
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    Jan 4, 2012
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    If you go into the coop section on here i have found several where people show step by step pictures, list what they used and I have looked at several with drawings. We are building ours in the next few weeks but as of yet I don't know for sure what it will look like so I can draw any plans :) I have seen several like what you are talking about, though, in the coop design seciton of this site.
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    I LOVE this coop and it has VERY detailed plans. However, they are not free. Scroll to the bottom and it has the link to the plans for this coop.
    This is off the Heather Bullard website:
    Finally! We've spent countless hours with an architect designing a professional set of plans for Chez Poulet and for those of you who have been emailing and is the day!
    The plans include 8 pages with more than 32 architectural drawings, diagrams, measurements along with a materials & hardware list and coop photos. The sets are $39 and for a very LIMITED TIME we are offering FREE shipping to US based addresses!
    To check out the plans visit!

    However, the Purina "hen house & hutch design" has FREE plans....

    A lot of people have built the Purina hutch here. It can be modified in any way you want.
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    I built my coop with NO plans or instructions. I just looked in the coop section and looked to see how people did certain things I was wanting to build into my coop... and wha-Lah! :


    It can be done with no plans. My Coop Page does show what all I did, but so do most people's on here. It's pretty easy to decipher anything not shown by either Googling it, or looking at enough coop pages to see how THEY did it.. and then do it.
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    I got several plans of Ebay, usually around 15$.

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