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    Ok so i'm looking for coop plans. 2 of my ISA Browns were taken by a hawk today. we had them in a LARGE open topped pen which was connected to our small barn (which isn't being use for anything other than a chicken coop at the moment) We had 7 chickens and now we are down to 5. We need to build a coop quickly as we are getting a shipment of 25 Danish Brown Leghorn Chicks in 2 weeks. So My thought was.. Build a Hen house for our 5 ISA's then put the chicks in a warmed area in the barn (like we did with the ISA's last year) We won't be keeping all 25 of the danish browns in the end.. we will most likely some of them once they get to laying.
    But i need a coop plan with run that is covered so we don't loose anymore birds. so i need to make it big enough so that we can keep the danish browns in it once they are big enough.

    We are also getting 20 BBB turkey poults as well the first week of may. we will be keeping the danish chicks and the poults together in the barn.
    Sorry I'm rattling on here.. lol

    We have the needed supplies (well we will have to pick up chicken wire it looks like) to make the coop I just need a free plan.
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    I don't know of any free chicken coop plans but I would just say to look on the sight and get some ideas. There are so many different ones to look at. I am just finishing up building my coop and run. You can check it out on my page. My coop is an 8'x10' shed that I built with the help of my wife and oldest son. I put a run around the back and built a shed off of the back of the coop. I covered the top of my run as well. I had a problem with hawks when I had chickens a couple of years ago. I won't be having that problem again though. I also reinforced it at the bottom so critters can't dig and get in. It doesn't have to be anything fancy just needs to be functional. And again, check out some of the pictures that they have on this site.

    Good Luck!!
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    [​IMG] & [​IMG] from Michigan

    You could build a hoop house with cattle pannels and chicken wire. Check out the link in my siggy to see the pics of my coop. The run was very easy to do. Good luck
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    In the meantime maybe you could throw a tarp up or get some bird netting for your run, so your other gals won't get carried off too!
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    Oh for sure we are setting up short term safety measures!

    We've never had issues with Hawks before... i guess it's the sign of the times for wildlife around here.

    We don't usually have that many chickens anyways.. No more than 20 or so as the run can support any more than that.. but I'd rather something more secure before we recieve our new danish browns on the 21st.

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