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    May 8, 2008
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    We have 5 female rabbits (98% sure they are all female since groups have been together for a while now and no babies) that we are looking to send to families that are looking for some good pets. We took them in from families that were getting rid of all rabbits. We are now at that point as well and want to spend more time with the alpacas and chickens.

    Group 1
    2 rabbits (mother & daughter). Daughter sort of looks like Lionhead mix.
    Have been raised indoors & outdoors. Don't mind being held.

    Group 2
    3 rabbits (mother, daughter & daughter). Small black rabbits.
    Raised outdoors. Don't mind being held, but would rather be down.

    Think that the rabbits would be happier if go as groups. We have tried to mix the groups while cleaning their cages and they did not like that at all so no mixing of groups unless you have 2 cages.

    If you would like just one, let us know and we can talk.

    PM me if you have any questions. Would be willing to meet someone if not driving too far.


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