free dozen of backyard mix chickens?


9 Years
Jul 16, 2010
Ky, Kentucky
ok, i was white water rafting a couple days ago while my mom was susposed to be watching the chickens. saturday (when i left) my mom forgot to buy feed and sunday the store was closed. so they went two days without feed. during that time two broody hens went off the nest . so i am hoping they are still broddy and wanting eggs in the next couple days. pls pm me and tell me the cost of shipping. any egg donations are greatly appreciated.
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Where is Hart Co? I'm in Adair Co. I sell my chickens' eggs for $2 a dozen if you're interested. Even better if you're close enough to pick them up

your only one county away but idk about picking up eggs. i would have to find your house and that would be like finding a needile in a hay stack. how much would shipping be? you wouldnt have to pack that much since we are so close.
I've had eggs sent to me from Eastern KY that took a full week to get here, guess they had to come by way of California! So they'd have to be packed just the same as they would for anyone else. Shipping would depend on how many you'd get, 1 dozen would be less than $10 for shipping, probably $8.
Do you know where Columbia is? I go there all the time. I could meet you somewhere if that's convenient
well, im so sry to lead u on but this is the latest news.all my hens have stopped laying and and those 2 hens have stoped thier broody-ness. right now my bator's motor is broke so i would be stuck with a dozen of eggs. sry but i think i will pass on getting eggs right so sry!

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