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    Apr 20, 2009
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    My 5 week old BR chicks spend a lot of time preening themselves so I wanted to give them something to have a dust bath in. I like to garden so have several trays that come with the flats of bedding plants. These obvoiusly need to be the ones with no ridges in them but still have the drainage holes at the bottom. I put 4 inside each other (for added strength) and added some soil and sand for them to bathe in. I must note that this is a temporary solution as I don't think the trays will last long and I am sure they will outgrow them. It seems the things they learn when young, what to eat etc are all learned when they are fairly young so I wanted to introduce them to dust bathing. I will later build a bigger box for them as I think this will help to keep them cooler in the summer if the soil is moist. It's already hot here in Alabama - too hot for me.
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    Feb 24, 2008
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    [​IMG] that is adorable! A chicken sandbox.
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    That swimming pool/sand box is a great idea -- how cute!

    The bedding plant boxes is a great idea too but I agree, they will outgrow them or destroy them pretty quickly. Perfect to start them out in though.
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    Aug 25, 2008
    Plastic cat boxes work great- just keep the cats out!
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    haha, cute!
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    Oh for cute! What a darling, and economical idea!!!![​IMG]
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    I used a cat litter pan from the dollar store, I think it was $1.25. And a bag of childrens play sand at Home Depot was $3.45. It was the easiest and cheapest thing to do, and the LOVE IT! The hens actually fight over it..... nothing funnier than 6 hens stuffed in a cat litter pan.
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    Quote:Pics? LOL is that like the 3 men in a tub? [​IMG]

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