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    Harry is a five and a half month old Easter Egger Rooster. He is vaccinated for Marek's disease and is a good man to the ladies in his flock. We had ordered sexed chicks and Harry was one of those "oops" situations. When we discovered that we had a rooster on our hands, we thought we'd give him a shot and see how we all got along. Unfortunately, we are not a good fit for each other. I like to spend a lot of time with my hens, and while Harry will let me feed and handle them without any problem, he does not appreciate my prolonged visits with them. He takes his job as a protector very seriously, and would be ideal for someone who has free ranging birds, who does not spend hours visiting with their chickens like I do, or who has experience training roosters and knows how to handle them.

    He is a very handsome boy and he is good to his hens, they will certainly miss him, but he and I just don't get along. I would much rather give him to a good home, but If no one wants him he is going to end up becoming our dinner.

    I live in northern Orange County but would be willing to arrange to meet someone half way or nearby to drop him off. I am easily accessible to the RTP area, Chapel Hill, Pittsboro, etc.

    Harry will be coming from a very well cared for disease free pet flock. He has not had his first worming yet as I usually wait until 6 months of age to worm them for the first time.

    If interested, please text Andrea at (nine one nine) nine four six- zero four nine five or call and leave a message.


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