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    Jul 3, 2008
    Having raised thousands of head of poultry on range I have some pretty
    strong opinions on manufactured range feeders: Basically there are
    flaws in them all and they are expensive. The metal ones rust
    through, are light when empty, and can be easily pushed over and
    destroyed by larger livestock. Plastic one deteriorate due to UV, heat
    and freezing.

    I discovered that old-fashioned farm built wooden feeders (built with
    oak, sassafras or locust from the farm) or pressure treated 4 x 4
    runners and marine grade plywood last longer and are much cheaper. I
    have posted on design from my book on the Back 40 Forums. Click HERE to view the plan. There is a material and cutting list included with the plan.
    If you have any questions please hit "reply" under the message. I
    monitor the list daily and will get back to you.
    Herman Beck-Chenoweth

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