Free Female Great Pyrenese Puppy 12 weeks Old, Panama City, FL-Gone


11 Years
Jun 27, 2008
Jacksonville, FL
As some of you know I recently got my very own pyrenese pup. This past week I found out some friends of some friends had a Moma pyrenese and 3 female puppies that they were giving away. I found a home for moma and one pup and my friends took the other pup. Now there is one puppy left, and for some reason she has made her way to my house to live until she finds a home. She is sweet as can be and wants lots of love. She is adorable little white poof ball. I saw the moma and the other puppies. The moma is a bald faced Pyr and looks just like my new dog. I was told the Daddy looked the same and was a bald face also.

If anyone is in this area and wants her, please let me know. I would keep her myself but I already have one.G

**Edited to say " The Pyrenese Puppy has found a home!" Thanks!
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