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    Apr 10, 2009
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    Well this cute little girl (yeah, I had named him before I saw she was a girl) is a double dose oops baby. Not only did I not expect her to hatch out, but I definitely didn't expect a half satinette baby to hatch out under two homers! My dropper George was in the loft, and must have went a little crazy with the girls. Funny thing is this one's nest mate was lucky enough to get genes from the male in the homer pair, so he's a full homer.

    I would keep her but I have plenty of dropper breeders. She's SO cute though [​IMG] Don't you agree? She's pretty tiny; reminds me a lot of a fig without a frill. And yes, that's an AU racing band on her. Didn't notice the beak size when I banded her :p I was just going with the flow like always.

    I have a box, so all I ask is that you pay $35 for shipping, in the form of a money order.
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