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6 Years
Mar 24, 2013
Fairbanks ALASKA
Bawk,,,bawk,,, I got some tips for you....Ever hear of growing fodder,,,Well let me say I was setting myself up to do this...Got a bag of barley$9 @ Alaska feed. The wife and I were jacked about trying this out save some Ca$h .I mean 1lb seed and = 6lbs of fodder.... " they say"
Well let step back and [email protected] this....Have you guy heard of the Produce barn ..On south cushman turn off to 30Th right next to chaz Auto body. There is a fella growing lettuce. basil and 10to 15 different kinds of sproust.. Starts his sprouts out on burlap...Then he harvest the sprouts..there is this strip of burlap that has leftover sprouts seeds/seed hulls and a very big mass of roots. They roll them up into small rolls.Then they will place in a container that YOU provide and pick it up once or twice a week..They call you. Plus you got to buy some sprouts or basil or lettuce.. good stuff and it is fresh ..We help him and he helps us...Just a thought.

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