Free food for ever for your flock! it works!


12 Years
Feb 19, 2009
Lots of free food for the asking! Took my kids to a local farmers market. They grow and harvest their own food.

I was hoping to get just a few ears of corn... The loading dock area has "dumpsters full!" of fresh picked "broken watermelons, corn that is a little crooked or broken, crushed squash......

Wow! I talked to the manager directly (after saw the basket of food for my family I was purchasing anyway ...) and the manager says "sure take all you want for your chickens"

So I loaded the car and walked away with 3 cases of food for the flock. If you have a local market give this a try!
I might have to do some dumpster diving myself! Great way to supplement the feeding bill.
Oh I hadn't thought of that! We have gone to the local breweries and collected beer mash to supplement our feed. I will try the farmers markets too!
One thing that I did last year was "borrow" a couple ears of corn from a farmer's field. lol.

Well at least it was a long ways away from my house. The chickens loved it!

We live right across the street from a fresh produce market and the people that work there are so nice. I usually buy a huge head of lettuce or cabbage for the chooks for about a buck!

Good Luck!


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