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    with a bit of work... I recently joined a local gleaner group (thru Yahoo groups - and a offshoot of a local Freecycle chapter) and on the first glean I came home with 5 wheelbarrows full of big oversized zucchini/pattypan squash and a bushel of some weird (Russian?) cukes that no-one else wanted, as well as green beans, pears, spinach and tomatos - all free. and since then bushels of apples, plums, grapes and tomatos - basically you offer to pick what's left in a field/orchard and share half the usable produce with the owner of the property, then share the rest with whoever gleaned that day...everyone in the group keeps an eye out for unpicked trees and fields to ask about and we also posted on Craigs List and had several people contact us thru that...anyhow, with a bit of effort food (for you AND your chicks) with not much cost (gas to get there etc) I have been making jam and pies and feeding the chickens ridiculous amounts of produce. You could try a test post on Craigs list to see if there are others in your are uinterested (we also donate to needy familys in the area)
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    That sounds AWESOME! Im going to check it out when its growing season again. Its COLD here!

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