FREE "Freak of Nature",big Cornish x Roo(!)should we save him from the pending pot...?

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    Jul 23, 2011
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    I have an athletic-yes, athletic- big meat bird Roo that my Vet thinks may be a genetic mutation.I
    call him, "athletic" becuz despite his large size (14-18#)he outruns my Buff Orp Roo,and spends a lot of time on his feet foraging and walking/running around,chasing hens-unlike any meat bird I have seen...!He is quite tame and stands and squacks at your feet for food/ treats...Also,this is one of the fast growing,big meat birds not the slower growing ones.If he were confined and fed in cage setting he'd reach close to twenty # imo,so he may have some value to breeders out there,but the pot is looming!.
    Email me if u want him,my local Vet has taken an interest in, "Dopey Doodle",and will help me pack him correctly etc therefore he can be shipped...there was someone in Alabama interested in shipping him to him,however,I have;nt heard from him in a while and he seems to handle the cold better than the sweltering heat anyway(90+ w/95% humidity here last summer almost did him in) and D-day/the day he becomes someones dinner as he won't tolerate the below zero Maine cold coming!He can handle 28 deg. we have now with extra food[​IMG]

    ,though it warms to 35-40 during the day.
    I am open to rehoming,rather than dinner,for his end.The Vet has been checkn with local breeders but he wont survive the below zero temps her so we r runnin out of time as it'll soon be too cold for him here...
    He is tall as my Buff Orp Roo(20-24") and much wider,probably double the weight of my lg Buff Roo.His legs are holding up fine,he runs on them a lot,too.PM me if u want him...
    thanks Sarah
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