Free game hens and roos North Georgia

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10 Years
Mar 17, 2009
Clarkesville, GA
It breaks my heart to give these beauties away but the neighbors will get rid of them if I don't find homes soon. I've been feeding them at work and don't have a place for them at home, I really wish I did!

They are buff, brown, white, black, one full grown rooster and a few hens from last year and the rest are this year's. The hens are good layers. They've had their freedom, roosting in the trees and I just found out one neighbor is very unhappy and called Animal Control. The roo is great; he comes by the office a few times a day and crows for some feed.
They are in Gillsville, Georgia, east of Gainesville and I live in Habersham. I have a week or so to let them go.
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