FREE !!! Gold Laced Sebright Cockerels


9 Years
Jul 25, 2010
Northern Chester County, PA
Local Pick-up only if taking roosters, however if you are interested in swapping birds for exchange I will consider Local Delivery. I bought these three guys from TSC this past April. Couldn’t help myself little fluff balls were the last 3 left in the store at the time. Unfortunately I have no bantam size hens for these guys I already have 3 standard size roosters protecting our flock.
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would you trade for a bo 1 rhode island red 2 delawares if so you will have to come pick them up because they dont like traveling:0)
Hello Dawson,

Sure I would consider trading my guys for your birds I presume the four birds are pullets or hens. Additionally if you or someone else may be interested I have one very handsome timid white Silkie Cockerel that is ostracized by all our hens. Please let me know where you are located Central Pennsylvania so we can make arrangements. I tried to PM you for some reason it is not going through keeps giving me error message longer than 70 characters that is even sending a simple yes as a reply.

Best regards,

Julius Horvath

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