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    I have a homer cock that broke two legs and got a wide open chest wound, after 6+ weeks of nursing him inside the house hes good again and lives in the loft with my young bird racing team. Racing season will be over tomorrow and I need to make room for breeders, I was going to keep this cock as a breeder but I HIGHLY DOUBT he can mount a hen. So I need to get rid of him hes pretty tame, even lets me pet him in the loft and mess around with him, but he'd probably need to get used to you. I hate to get rid of him but my loft is small and I need more room. I have a box to send him in, if your local you can come pick him up, if not I'll mail him to you. Pigeons seem to be expensive and this is a way to get a nice guy for just the cost of shipping.

    THE SHIPPING PRICE IS A ROUGH ESTIMATE, I got birds from Maryland and it only cost me 35$, so the closer to NY you are the less it will probably cost.

    Thank you

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