FREE in MI Black Bantam Cochin Frizzle Roo


12 Years
Jun 30, 2007
South Eastern Michigan
I tried to give "Woodstock" away before it got cold outside but there were no takers. Here is my last attempt before I have to take him to the humane society (we are very very sad). I live in a subdivision and he is now crowing all the time so I can't put the husband off any longer. I am in the northern suburbs of Detroit - no shipping, but I am willing to meet somebody as long as it is not too far. He is VERY sweet, but a little skiddish (you know how those bantams can be). He has lived in the Chicken Taj Mahal, but is let out to free roam when I am in the back yard.
Well dang. I'd love to have a frizzled bantam cochin! Now, can you only keep him for a few months til I get moved to the new place, and then arrange to ship him from MI to TN??

Good luck with finding him a new home!
I can't have anymore, especially a roo... but I could ask around and see if anybody I know would be interested. I wish I could, a frizzle would be nice to have!
Do you have any pics that I could show my friend.... she does not have a computer, so I'll have to print it for her.

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