Free in New York City: Chocolate/Silver Birchen English Orpington Bantam 1 month old cockerels


Apr 21, 2017
Two hand raised and very sweet boys free if you can come collect them! We are located in Harlem New York. These cockerels are from eggs hatched from a certified NPIP farm. They have different coloring; one a warmer "milk choc" brown/silver birchen and the other being more of a "dark choc" brown/silver birchen. The darker chocolate one has more distinct contrast with the silver birchen feathering. But they are still young and I am not familiar with this breed and how they will end up looking as roosters. Easy to handle and very gentle natured (so far). Note that they are bigger bantams and will grow to be medium sized chickens rather than the truly tiny breeds. They are larger than our Barnie bantams for example.
Also possible to include two or more slightly younger Silver Double Laced Barnevelder Bantam cockerels if you are interested in all. I will add another post regarding them in a couple of weeks.
IMG_15281.jpg IMG_15282.jpg IMG_15305.jpg IMG_15361.jpg

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