FREE Kittens.....Pick up on...Wisconsin

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  1. Run-A-Muck Ranch

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    We were over run with kittens this summer....We had 17 all together now down to 11. Gave 6 away so far....
    The moms are now all fixed...They are outdoor barn cats and now that the kittens are born we got the moms fixed....
    Anyway if anyone is looking for kittens we have them..
    Pick up only...
    If interested let me know....

    We have white, orange, grey....males and females.
    They are FREE!!!!!

    Edited for location!!!!!

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  2. WisconsinChick

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    Poor kitties [​IMG] it saddens me that most people have to learn the hard way.
  3. smpezzi

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    Jun 4, 2008
    I wish I were closer [​IMG] We would take a couple off your hands
  4. run a muck, you don't say what state you're in?

    wisconsin chick, not for nothin but I don't think that was a very helpful post... You don't know the situation.
  5. Run-A-Muck Ranch

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    Quote:I am from Wisconsin.....I accidently titled it as Pick up ON wisconsin (instead of IN wisconsin)..hahaha [​IMG]
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  6. Run-A-Muck Ranch

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    Quote:I have to agree with you on this...BUT NOT ON MY SITUATION THOUGH...Maybe I should of said....We have our farm/barn cats....They are fixed. Both the males and females That's 7 cats of OURS we have fixed......We also have over the spring and early summer accumulated 8 STRAY CATS...Male and Female. They showed up over the course a period of time. They decieded they liked it here...The females that showed up that were not pregnant were taken in and gotten fixed and all shots. The males were fixed and all given there shots too....
    Well we had 4 females that were pregnant...I obviously didnt' get them fixed UNTIL after there babies were born.... Now that they are born everyone is fixed and up to date on shots.........
    So to make my reply even longer....Our original 7 cats were already fixed....4 of the strays were fixed right away. The other 4 STRAYS are now fixed because they showed up pregnant...
    Does that long winded post/reply/explanation sound better for you....

    I am a very responsible pet owner. ALL OUR CATS AND DOGS ARE CURRENTLY FIXED!!!!!! Obviously the kittens are too little to be fixed. And if they don't find homes I will be fixing them when it's time....

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