Free Kittens!! South California!!

Crest Acres Girl

11 Years
Mar 5, 2008
Southern California
I have 6 kittens up for adoption, 2 blacks, 3 black and whites and 1 gray. They are totally adorable and is litter trained.

Personality trait:

Gray: somewhat shy but loves to sit and watch her brothers and sisters. She loves belly rubs and will stay on your lap for hours while your watching TV

2 Blacks: both the black ones are boys, they are very curious and love exploring. They cant really sit still unless they tire themselves out. Both have beautiful blue eyes.

3 black and whites are girls : one is a total love, she cuddles and purrs and just follows me everywhere. The other two are more calm and perfer to play with their sisters. They are smart and very active.

Please this is for locals only. I dont think I can ship kittens
even if i could I wouldnt!!

I found the mommy outside my front door one day and she just decided to stay, when I found out she was pregnat I took her in. Her name is Oreo and shes an awsome mom

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