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    Hello all, I have a Male Yellow Lab to give away FREE to a GOOD HOME. He is very smart and learns well. He was given to me last August and when I moved away form home I had to give him to my cousin because I couldnt have pets. Now that he has gotten bigger she dont want to deal with him and she thinks he is to big for her 3 year old son. He is a very big dog and will get bigger as he gets older. I am not sure of his birthdate but I can check his papers. He is AKC registered and I have the papers for him. I just dont have the time that I would like to have for him so am willing ot give him away to someone if they gurantee him a good home. He has been outside since August but I had him inside and housebroken before I gave him to my cousin. He loves to play and loves attention, I have taught him to shake, sit, speak, give you a high five, and to lay down before I had given him away. Not sure how much of it he remembers. I will try and get pics within a few days if anyone is interested. He has had all his shots and is due on everything, very healthy, good looking, huge puppy here looking for someone or some family to give him the love and attention he wants and needs. You must come pick him up, I cannot travel far to deliver him due to work, if interested let me know, this is a first come first serve basis. And his name is Harley, I posted this in the "Other Pets" forum as well, figured it might get more hits here.


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