FREE LUMBER! Here is one of our coops we built from free recycled lumber. Please post photos of your


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Jan 25, 2010
Monticello, Arkansas

Think outside the box!

Folks this stack of pallets and crates is free for the taking at Majors Forest & Lawn,
314 E Gaines St, Monticello, Arkansas. Also pictured is a lawn mower crate chicken coop we acquired from Majors in 2011. We have since painted the coop, but it is still in service. Save on your backyard projects and help the environment. Otherwise, they will have to burn this entire stack of 1x4 and 2x3 lumber.

Note: This is not ours. We are posting for them and to help others. If you are too far away from Monticello, check your own local lawn mower shops, Sears etc. Always ask if you can have the scraps and ALWAYS go back and say thank you! Our local Sears appliance etc store also has a stack of crates/pallets. They usually haul theirs out to their farm and burn them. It is sad to see such good lumber go to waste.

Please post photos of coops you have built from recycled items. This will help others get ideas on building their coops.


Here is a coop we built in 2011 from the same type crates.


Here is a recycled bookcase.

A water bed drawer base.

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