FREE - Magpie Drake pick up only (NC/VA line)

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    I have a magpie drake that needs a new home ASAP - If I can't rehome him by next weekend he will be going to freezer camp. I have 1 too many drakes and he has got to go - they are doing a number on my girls and he is now seperated from the rest of the flock.

    He has a bit of a crest on the back of his head so his name is Mo as in mohawk [​IMG]. (My other magpie drake has a crest too - that one's Curly - lol. )

    Anyway please if anyone is looking for a drake as a pet, a breeder, or for freezer camp please come get him! I can meet in North Durham, or in Danville VA probably any morning.

    Please PM me if interested.

    (only have flock pics @ moment but can get a close up of actual drake )

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