FREE mixed bantam eggs started incubation 10/6 - Roanoke VA LOCAL ONLY

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    Apr 24, 2011
    Roanoke VA
    My broody started gathering eggs, but I didn't notice she'd gone broody until it was too late, and I'd hate to just toss these.

    There are 10 eggs from assorted bantams. not sure who's is what.
    I have 3 roos with 8 hens.
    roos: black Japanese, white sultan, crele oegb
    hens: dark brahma (3) buff Brahma, red cochin, RIR, silver duckwing oegb, quail d'anvers (broody)

    so it's a lotto pick of what you'd get. and i'll toss in a few other eggs too if you want extras, for the bother of coming up. (same mix)

    I've got a full incubator due to go on lockdown in 9 days, and these eggs are in my hatcher right now. If i can't find someone for them by Wed (the 12th) then i'm going to have to toss them so i have time to get my hatcher up to temp/humidity for my LF eggs.


    between Blacksburg and Roanoke, VA. you would have to keep them warm during transport. i don't have any way to do that.

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