Free Mixed Chicks, North Ms. No Shipping

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  1. mississippifarmboy

    mississippifarmboy collects slightly damaged strays

    I have several chicks I would like to offer FREE to any BYC members who live local and can pick them up here at the farm or meet locally.
    I will not ship and I'm giving them away for FREE because they aren't pure-breed stock and not worth selling in my opinion. All were hatched out on August 18th, so about 3 weeks old. Feathered out to the dinosour stage, ugly as sin and eat like piggys. No idea on sex. 5 of the chicks hatched out from our Sultans, they are only pet quality (Some have only 4 toes on one foot, poor top-knots) but are healthy and active with good feathered legs. The others are a black chick and several brown chicks (Two have feathered legs), mixed breeds hatched from a pen with Sultans, Cochin Bantams, Barred Rocks & Production Reds. These were just yard eggs that my 12 year old son wanted to try and hatch out on his own. He wanted to see what colors they would turn out and I'm a push-over Dad, so what can I say?
    Anyway, I need them off the feed bill, we've got too many chicks right now and winter's coming. Bring a container to take them home in. I will hold for up to a week if you are SURE you will take them. First to PM me and agree on a pick-up date will get them. I'll update the post when they are taken.

    Thanks NIFTY for telling me how to post this!

    PS. the 2 Silver Campine chicks in the picture are not in the deal, Wife wants to keep them for a while yet.
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    Well,.. that's real neighborly of ya!
    Just wish we were closer neighbors,.. geographically speaking!

    Someone will be getting pretty chickens. Free!
  3. Baralak

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    How far away from West Monroe, Louisiana?

    I have 8 the same age... Hatched on the 23rd last month .. looking for egg layers, not pure breed.

    Ah... Found your location.. Kinda Far away from here.

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  4. mississippifarmboy

    mississippifarmboy collects slightly damaged strays

    We are located in the extreme northeast corner of Mississippi near the Alabama / Tennessee state lines.

    100 miles east of Memphis, Tn.
    40 Miles west of Florence, Al.
    50 Miles south of Jackson, Tn.
    30 miles north of Tupelo, Ms.

    Yeah, I know, the middle of nowhere. [​IMG]
  5. miss heny

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    Quote:is there any Silkie X sultan? and do you live in Carthage? if so, you might get a call from my dad for birds XD are you the one that posted in tradewind for having birds for sale?
  6. mississippifarmboy

    mississippifarmboy collects slightly damaged strays

    Sorry, never heard of Carthage or Tradewinds. The Sultans are supposed to be pure-breed, as they came from eggs hatched out of our Sultan breeder pen. They just aren't as good as I had hoped for. They have only four toes on one foot on some and just overall don't suit me, so I am going to sell off all the breeder Sultans and start over next year with stock from a different breeder. These came from a local breeder this past spring as started birds. Just pet quality, but the 6 Sultan chicks are FREE. The parent birds are still on the farm if you would want to see them.
    The other chicks are also free, but just barn-yard mixes from our free-range flock, could be anything. One black chick and four reddish brown of which two have lightly feathered legs. One looks like a mutt Orloff, the others I think are most likely crosses between the Barred Rocks & Production Reds. We have several chickens that just run loose on the farm, mostly odd hens & extra roosters we are growing out for food instead of breeding. All our regular breeders are raised in individual breeder pens.
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    Quote:okay XD

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