Free NICE roo, Lavender Orpington-Ameraucana cross

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    Apr 12, 2011
    Northwest Pennsylvania
    I have a Lavender Orpington-Ameracauna cross rooster hatched from a well-known breeder - anybody recognize this guy? [​IMG]
    Just hatched this summer.
    I've managed to find homes for all but this fella.
    He is really no trouble.
    Nice personality, puppy dog good nature.
    Does not terrorize the girls.
    Just a pleasant boy, eager to see what you are doing and if by chance there may be some food you are carrying intended for him!

    I am just over-populated in the rooster department and looking for a good home for him.
    Please call 724-927-6912 (I'm near Meadville, PA)
    I will ship if you would like him.



    as teenager:

    as a baby:

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