FREE Organically raised rooster- Central Ohio


11 Years
Mar 21, 2008
We have decided to find a new home for our rooster. He is a 27 week old rooster who is very beautiful. He has been raised free-range and fed all organic feed with lots of fruits and veggies. When we bought him at a day old, we thought he was a pullet. Alas, we found out differently when he began to crow! We also thought he was a sex-linked Golden Buff, but he certainly looks more like a rare New Hampshire Red. He has been handled daily, so he has been socialized well. (He is used to being picked up and carried around.) He will occassionally bite if he feels his hens are threatened. He is one handsome guy!

We have a very small flock, somewhat like pets. My sons do not want to eat him, so we are looking to rehome him. He would be a great stud if you are looking for little organic chicks.

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I'm bumping this for Meg
, and I wanted to add that this is a gorgeous, very-well cared for rooster!

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