FREE! OrpX Boy 14 Wks/ HELP! PLZ Take Roosevelt! /N. Ga./*New Pics*

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    This very hefty 14- week old cockerel is out of a Blue Orp rooster (Suede) over RIR/Buff Orp hen (Meg, who is out of exhibition size Buff Orp stock).

    Roosevelt's mother is about 9-10 lb and his sire 13 lb so I'm betting he'll top 12 lbs. when he matures.

    Was raised by a broody hen (still living with her in the old ladies' coop). I need him to have a nice home where he can belong. Don't want him to be here at mating age as he will be too large for those girls.

    The newest feathers coming in are flaming red-orange like his mama, so he may be a good start on a red Orpington project for someone.

    I'd like to see pics of your coop/pen where he will be living, please. Must reassure myself that he will have a safe home environment.

    Pickup only, WILL NOT SHIP. I'm in Fannin County, GA, right at the NC line. HELP! He'll be mating the girls soon and that won't be pretty, considering his size.

    Please do not hit the BIN button unless you have sent me pictures of your setup and intend to pick up the bird.


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