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    I have a 2008 pair of white pekins, they are NOT to be used for meat as they are too old, and have been our pets for 4 years. The hen is currently laying and you may do as you please with her eggs and offspring. We have been debating about selling them for a few months now, and they have now (after4 yrs) learned how to get out of their fenced area and are tring to breed with my show winning runner ducks. This is the reason we have decided to part with them, they are both very well tempered and LOVE to be sprayed with the hose.NO SHIPPING THESE DUCKS ARE BIG!!! They are used to all kinds of poultry they run with our turkeys, geese, muscovy mixed ducks, and guineas in our horse field. And are used to dogs running, barking etc. and all sorts of sounds. FREE
    I also have a 2011 pair of Wild mallard muscovy mix ducks we have decided to sell, they are currently running with the pekins and they too have learned how to get out of the pen. Since they are muscovy crosses (THEORY) is they cant reproduce so we arent so worried about them cross breeding with our runners, as wed like them to stay with the pekins. We are keeping a hen (theres a trio) just beacuse they are soo beautiful, and well use any eggs we get out of her for noodles. FREE
    I also have a 2011 pair of silver bobwhite quail im asking $20 FIRM for them
    NO SHIPPING ON THE DUCKS SHIPPING IS AVAILABLE FOR THE QUAIL for more info or pics go to the sale barn of our website
    or email [email protected]
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