free pet Easter Egger Rooster (likes To Be Held)

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    May 28, 2010
    Easter Egger Rooster FREE to good home! Pick up only or will travel within an hour of 19525 to deliver him or meet you.

    Rooster is aproximately 12 weeks old, purchased from agway as a arocona hen. We raised him from one week old to be a pet of my 3 year old. My daughter has train the rooster to be held and petted. He likes to be cradled like a baby. Very Very Good with children.

    It breaks our hearts to give him up but we live in a neighborhood that will not tolerate a crow. He has been the most quiet rooster until today. Since we took him away from the others he has been crying for the other hens.

    We do not want to give him up to be butchered, he has too much personality and is very docile.(not wild like most other roosters). He would make great stock for a breeder.
    Harry is the brown one in the picture above. We need to find him a new home ASAP.
    No shipping. Pick up only.

    its a Wheaton Ameracauna
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    I so wish you were closer! I just lost my EE roo a month ago and he was the same as yours..hop right up on your lap etc. Are you vacationing to the North-west any time soon? [​IMG] Terri O

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