Free Polish Cockerels-two carry Frizzle gene


Pine Hill Farm
11 Years
Apr 24, 2009
This is not an auction, these boys are free to a home that won't eat them and will give them the love they deserve. Cold weather is coming and I have no place to keep them safe, right now they're in my garage and they need a nice place outside.

I have four Polish cockerels that need new homes. There are two bearded Buff Laced boys, one of them is Blind and needs a special home. They were hatched out in mid-June. Their names are Bowie and Keegan. Keegan likes to be held and spoken to softly, Bowie is a bit nervous, but will fall asleep in my arms if I snuggle him.

I also have a White Crested Black cockerel that was hatched out in mid-July, and a White Crested Blue with the same hatch date. Both are non-bearded. Their names are Helmut and Blue. Helmut and Blue carry the frizzle gene and love being held and petted.

My zip is 25979. If there is any interest, I will take and post pictures. My health is not great right now, so you'd need to pick them up. I can go as far as Princeton, WV or Beckley, WV, though. Thanks!
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