Free PQ silkie pair near Louisville, Ky

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    I would like to find a good home for two of my silkies, a male and a female hatched Feb. 21st. I'm really looking for a home with other silkies or maybe polish - some mild mannered breeds. I worry that they would be picked on badly in a LF flock.
    They're just hatchery quality, with the male being the much better (quality) silkie. She's a red, pretty - but not much crest or cushion - 4 toes. He's a partridge...a little butterball with a decent crest -quite pretty, but still only pet quality. They're both still feathering out, and his neck is a virtual pincushion.
    Of my bantams, she is the least friendly. All my birds (including her) will eat from my hands, but she throws a fit at being picked up. I probably should have worked with her more, but handled the ones who seemed to enjoy it more. He is pretty good about being picked up. They're both beardless.
    I'm not selling them, but would give them to a good, safe home locally. They are use to ample freeranging time here (although they typically head over to the big girl run to hang out), but are securely kept at night. They do roost, but it's a very low roost (under 24 inches high). Once again - I think they would do best with very mild mannered breeds. PM me if you're interested, and either in S. Indiana or near Louisville, Ky. We are in Floyds Knobs, IN.
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    Wish I lived close to U....Sweet

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