FREE PUPPY - Orting, WA - Yellow Lab Mix Female **PIC**


10 Years
Jul 14, 2009
The Beautiful Pacific NW ,WA
This is a puppy from a previous rescue litter. She was adopted to be used as a service dog but the adopters brought her back because she was too high energy and she is a play biter, though she hasn't bitten me so far.

She was around chickens & ducks when I had her when she was younger but she has been away from them for about a month now. She seems to do fine with them still but since she's still a puppy i would definitely keep it under supervision until she's 100% good around them.

She looks to have some Yellow Lab in her but I don't know what else. She is from a litter that was rescued from Eastern WA & all the puppies looked different!! She is currently 3 months old, UTD on vaccines, worming & I was told by the adopters that she has been flea treated also. She is wearing a flea collar too.

She is free to a good home because I am SUPER busy with my birds and work. I really think she needs a family so she can get more attention than she was getting.

CALL 253-330-0434

She seems a little bit leggy but i don't think she'll get over 60lbs.
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