Free Range Baby Chicks!!!


Sep 27, 2019
I have been raising chickens for several years now but have never had any hatch. I have had two hens sitting on eggs for awhile now and this morning I woke up to one hatched. Which was the coolest thing. lol. My question is does the momma need to stay with the babys? I need to separate them due having goats and not wanting them to get into the chick starter feed.
The hen will raise them and teach them the ropes. I would just keep the chick with the hen because she will keep it safe and when she introduces it to the flock, it will already be established. If you separate it from the hen then you will have to raise it like the mom would then introduce it when it's bigger because it won't be able to survive by itself since it is so small. Free ranging chicks without a mother hen makes it easy for predators to get them.

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