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    Mar 29, 2016
    Just wondering as to how to resolve a slight issue with neighbors free range chickens. Not at all wanting to start a war between the neighbors. The chickens have now decided our property is where they prefer to roam. We are now blessed with chicken poop on our concrete slab outside our front door. The chickens came across the paved road and started scratching in the needles of our mature pine trees. That was no problem. Now they must feel really comfortable because they've taken to circling our entire house and messing in my hosta beds and mulch in our landscaping. Is there anyway to get them more interested in going back to their home across the road? Traffic has literally stopped for them to cross. These are beautiful birds...but if we wanted our own chickens we would buy some. My husband is a farmer. His mom had chickens while he was growing up. I was raised on a farm. My mom had chickens...that were kept in a large fenced pasture with peacocks and shut in the barn at night. Any helpful suggestions.
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    Chickens are difficult to control. Really the only way is to fence in your yard (at least the side adjoining) Maybe speak with your neighbors and ask them if they could also try to keep their flock more at home.
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    You may be able to try ultrasonic pest control devices that plug into the wall. That may be enough to deter them from hanging around! Otherwise, I think your best bet would be to speak to the neighbors and just explain the situation. It's not fair that you have to clean poop off your deck! I know how bothersome that can be.
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    start letting them in your fenced backyard, and continue to collect eggs from them.......maybe accidentally build a coop and run for them.

    leave the door open to the run, and when they escape into YOUR run, on YOUR property, keep them. Give them all names, so if anyone asks, you can point to that hen or this hen, and give their names.......
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    I agree with that

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