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    I have 6 girls that we let free range during the day. They have a 30x20 area in the yard that we have fenced off for them. It is shaded with a big tree. I'm having issues with flies around my run and coop. We clean the inside of the coop weekly and I rake the sand that they have dug up around the run to mix it up. No matter what I do, there are always flies and a particular smell. Searching for ideas on how to keep it cleaner for my girls and for me.
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    you have a screen door for your back door or windows?

    they sell rolls of them..

    just get insect screen is fine

    about 4'x25' roll for $10 or so .. wrap it around the coop to prevent the flies from getting in.. the smell will attract them but if they can't come into contact with the manure there's no food..

    yes there is a smell from chicken manure and the chickens themselves

    you can use pine shavings to help absorb the moisture and odor from the manure

    or try other methods that are out there

    also cleaning more frequently might help.. i clean out the coop and run each day actually..

    took me about 10-15 minutes

    but now that my run floor has no grass anymore.. i just put pine shavings down and don't have to clean as often

    wet/smelly manure will attract even more flies

    i don't have flies in the coop.. just the part of the run that i keep bare earth.. this is pretty interesting :)

    i'm thinking of just use all pine shavings

    and set traps in designated areas using chicken manure (instead of store bought fly bait)


  3. I use Vanilla car fresheners....Flies like poop! Hate vanilla.
    Hang them in the trees and around your run.
    They really work.

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