Free range?


9 Years
Sep 2, 2010
Mount Orab
I am new to the world of Chickens and I have a question. My neighbors have a hen and a rooster and no coop the chickens just roam around all day. So my questions are Do chickens run away? Do you think I will be able to just let them roam around all day and then lock them up at night? Does this mean I may not have to freak out about predators? I built a coop and it is Predator proof (or the best possible) any help would be great. Thank You
Definitely lock them up at night. We only let ours free range when we are home, especially this time of the year with the hawks migrating. They come back to the coop every night and go to roost like good little girls. The only problem with free ranging, if there isn't a fence and you have neighbors, they will roam where every they want and we have caught ours standing in the street.
My chickens free range all day long, but are definitely locked in their coop at night. Fortunately we don't have neighbors to worry about, unless the chickens were to catch a train to visit them or something.

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