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    we have 6 free ranging hens just starting to lay eggs. I first realized they were laying when I discovered 13 eggs on the ground, within some high weeds. I cleaned up the coop and left them in the coop for an entire day then releasing them again. for a week or better they laid in the coop just fine but early this week that stopped.

    tuesday no eggs, wednesday no eggs, thursday no eggs! I know they're laying but where? FOUND THEM! 6 eggs under a crab apple tree amongst so day Lillys.

    so whitout locking them up again, how do I get them to lay in the coop?

    please note: feed, water, nest boxes are all in the coop.


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    You could try putting some eggs in the nest boxes. I use wooden ones from the craft store. Some people use golf balls. But a few demo eggs might encourage them to use the boxes.

    If not, shutting them up in the coop again is worth a shot!
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    I just use the plastic easter eggs placed in the nest. If your hens are just starting to lay, I would probably keep them locked in the run/coop area for awhile until they get the idea about using the nest boxes. Once they are laying in there regularly, they will usually go back to them to lay even when they are freeranging.
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