Free Ranging, Chicken Tractors and other ??s [Video]

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    Hey folks. I'm a newbie to this. So I have some questions. I have 3 chickens and 1 pekin duck who thinks she too is a chicken as she was raised with these 3 ladies. All 4 of my flock I inherited from my niece who got them just after Easter to raise. (why people let their kids do that, is beyond me as that usually doesn't end well).

    So, I'm wondering.... here is my youtube videos of my birds ---
    any of you graciously take a looky, pay attention to the lay of the land. I have 6 acres of flat and hill (WV). I've been reading comments here about free-ranging. Seems people take their 'losses' pretty well. My birds are more pet than farm critter. I only have the 4 birds. But gees they really like to free-range. If you notice my chicken tractor in the videos. Will that do me for shelter through the winter??? And is it cruel to keep these birds in that little space all day? I only let them out after dinner when I can be out with them. But come fall when the weather starts getting cold, I'm not going to be inclined to stay outside with them.

    So I guess I am asking --- is the risk in free-ranging worthwhile for you and for the birds?? And will my chicken tractor (which my husband graciously bought me for my birthday) be adequate for winters in WV?? Is there a dog breed that makes a good protector for free-range birds and is training difficult??

    Any thoughts??
    Sally in WV

    (3 chickens, 1 duck who thinks she's a chicken, 2 African Grey parrots who think they are human, 1 dog who owns the house)
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    if I'm correct it gets pretty cold in w.v. in the winter, so yes you need a coop for the chickens with roosts in it I doubt the duck will roost so you'll need a bit of hey on the floor for the duck. I have 4 chickens and free range mine in a fenced yard. but I noticed recently wallmart sells like a 10'X6" dog pen I'm not sure if they sell it online or in store though my original coop and run was designed with 2 chickens in mind so here I go having to bild something bigger already. think you already know its a tight fit for those birds.
    gl erica

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