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Apr 16, 2013
I'm getting my first chicks this week. Once they are fully feathered & moved into their coop, I had planned to let them out each afternoon till dusk to free range. Then, I got to thinking of my flower beds! Do chickens eat flowers?
They will eat everything. Mine really like flowers. When I first got my pullets and spring came I saw purple poop and thought OMG they are dying! But, they had just eaten all of my purple flowers. Oops. They also scratch and dig a lot. If you have landscaping you want to stay pretty I would put up some sort of fence or or netting or barrier.
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I put a fence around my flowerbeds this year. My flock destroyed mine. I should have known better. I planted perannials so i wouldn't have to buy flowers each year. I have to start over again.
I have 4 holly bushes that I will have to keep mine away from when we free range, so I'll just fashion a fence around those bushes. As the PP said, you could do the same for your flowers.
They will destroy your flowers if you don't do something about it. Not only eat them, but dig them up. If you dont want to fence in, and just have a few flower beds, I would try some netting. Maybe throw it over the beds when you let the chickens out and then take it back off when you put them up.?
Thanks everyone! Guess I'll have to do some quick thinking /planning on what to do before they get feathered out, which from what I hear won't take very long. My problem will need a solution before I know it! But, at least I am now forewarned & can prevent loss or damage in my flower beds before it happens. Thanks!

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