Free ranging with wild geese?


7 Years
Apr 14, 2013
Loretto, TN
We are debating gettin geese and perhaps ducks. We have two one acre ponds. However, we have two visiting wild Canada geese. Usually their goslings fall prey to predators and they leave after spring but they are hanging around. They were VERY aggressive with other pairs of Canada geese that attempted to land. Do you think they would adjust to domestic geese?


Free Ranging
Sep 2, 2017
If you want geese or ducks to inhabit that pond, I’d say wait until they have left. They are breeding and hatching babies so I’m sure they are extra aggressive protecting their nest right now.

N ID Goose mom

Apr 18, 2019
North Idaho
I am also getting my first quartet of geese in 3 weeks 4 days. I am so excited, but also have Canadian geese who come to our field/pond. Currently 4 pair with two different hatches and their visiting relatives.

I asked about the interaction also. I was advised to not bring the goslings down to the pond until the geese have left due to aggression/guarding their own, parasite exposure, and the possibility of avian influenza. Next year I believe that they will be able to handle everything better due to being older and larger than the CG. I am only passing on the advice that I had previously been given since other than research and asking questions, I have no real experience with geese yet. Good luck choosing geese or ducks.

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