Free Red Sexlink Roo's - Central West Virginia (Kan/Putnam Co)

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    Free 22 week old Red Sexlink Roo's - we only have 12 hens, not enough for two Roo's. The Roo's (of course) were accidental. Roo's are free but I had to put a dollar amount in.

    The hens are getting stressed from being "over mated" so we have to get rid of one, if not both. We have been advised by many to use them for meat... however, I can't eat something I named :)

    If you would like one of these guys please message me!

    One likes to mate - so he'd be great for chicks! He is not the dominant Roo
    Dominant Roo is a fighter - for Dogs and such. He is tough!! No more dogs in the yard these days.

    The two do not fight.. unless one is mating then the other tries to butt in and knock him over. Poor hens!!!!

    Adding picture of Daisy vs. Roosters.. Roosters win! So if you would like some tough guys to watch over your hens, and have enough hens to keep them busy... please message me!
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    Mar 30, 2009
    that pic is kind of scary to my roo's....pic of stump and ax in the back ground!!!
    good roos for chasing off dog though

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