free roam age?

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    Sep 17, 2012
    i m a little nervous about letting my 3 month old chickens out for free roam. they are always kept in their run area which is fairly large. i know they would love to free roam but i have hear many hawks in my backyard when i sit out with them. is it safe to let them free roam? i know anything could happen. also, how far off will they go? i can't have them wandering into the street or into my neighbors yards. any advice would be awesome.... -thanks,
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    my chicks were outside after 2 days of hatching with the mom but that age is okay do you have any other chickens outside ?? free ranging
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    May 28, 2011
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    When chicks are hatched and raised by Mama hen, they are out free ranging by 3 days old. For people raised chicks, 3 months is old enough to me. You may lose some to predation. It's up to you if the risks outweigh the benefits. To me, the benefits win out. They just seem happier and healthier as they free range. They get to do normal chicken things. Your chicks will not go far and will return at dusk.

    Consider a small flock of guineas. They sounds a loud alarm when a predator is near or overhead. When my guineas holler the alarm, everyone runs for cover.
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    i agree with you .. but its really up to you i have a okay size flock so the younger ones are pretty safe and everyone here has their own groups with roos around to pretect them ... i would love to get guineas very loud but you still get eggs and they are good watchdogs and pest control

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