Free Roos in CA - SF Bay Area

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  1. Chooklet

    Chooklet Songster

    Feb 6, 2008
    I need to rehome some roos (cockerals, to be precise). One Easter
    Egger, about 9 months old, and 2 almost pure BBR OEGBs, about 7 months
    old. (An interloper must have snuck into the coop one night as the
    OEGBs have yellow legs & beaks...) These are all rescues, but have been
    living in my yard with the rest of my flock for about 6 months. The EE
    is the king of the hill, and I would love to keep him and am going to miss him,
    but my neighbors are really starting to complain. [​IMG]

    Free to good home only - not for the stew pot or the fighting ring.

    Pics available upon request.


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