Free Rooster-NY, PA, NJ area- pick up only

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    I hope I'm in the right spot. Never done this before.

    I regretably have to re-home my lovely mutt roo, Feather Butt. I have raised him since he was 1 - 2 mos old. He is here with his brother and unfortunately the 2 of them can't come to an agreement as to who is top roo here. They are also tearing up the hens since there are only 3 at the moment. I don't think the 6 we will be adding is going to make it any better. I hate to give him up, he is sweet, but his brother is my son's favorite, so Feather Butt is the one to go. I would like to see him go to a good home where he will live out his days, please don't eat him. [​IMG]
    I am located on the NY, PA, NJ border near Port Jervis, NY. Anyone have a home for him?


  2. We're having a bit of a roo conflict also, which is sad because we're so close to you. I hope you find him a good home. I wish I could help you out. [​IMG]
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    I wish I could convince my mom to let me have him... I'm not really too far away, and he's gorgeous! What breed is he?
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    Jan 31, 2008
    Quote:He's definitely has some silkie in him. [​IMG] Look at that crest and comb!
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    We were told he was part silkie. We also think RIR may be mixed in just because of the color. His brother is black and white, kind of like a SLW. They could have EE because of all the color combos all the chicks had we were able to choose from when we got them.

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