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10 Years
May 26, 2009
We have quite a few extra roo's around here. There are a few mixed breed roos who are about 8-9 weeks old, free ranged, and very friendly. The mixed breed roo's are black (being a mix of Australorp and mutt and EE). A few are white with black spots and one has some red in the feathers (grandpa was a golden laced polish)

There are also: (aged about 8 months or so)

2 silver laced Houdans (I believe)
1 golden laced polish
1 big white frizzle- He's a big guy, but very gentle.
1 black frizzle (bantam)
1 white cochin (bantam)
1 BIG black Australorp (pure to my knowlege)

Sorry I dont have pics, my camera just broke last week and I havent been able to replace it yet. PLEASE give these guys a good home! I have hatched eggs from a few of these guys, so they are fertile. The younger guys could be eaten if you wanted, my hubby wont let me process them, or I would. I will be taking them to Echo Valley Feed in Auburn by the end of this weekend if no one wants them, they will be $2 each there, but they are free from me!

The younger roo's will come to you when you call, the older ones are NOT aggressive and everyone gets along here with ZERO problems or fights. My children have handled all the roos since we got them, and your attention will only make them sweeter!

I can meet somewhere in Auburn or nearby to deliver if need be.

Please PM with any questions! THANKS!!!!


eta- All are either hatchery stock, or decendants of hatchery stock
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